Taking part in GMEL

The Global Music Education League is a network that links the most prestigious musical academies of the world. The purpose is to share resources meant for the development of global musical education through international cooperations among over 30 academies: China, USA, UK, Italy, Switzerland, Finland, Australia, Netherlands, New Zeland, Slovenia, Thailand, South Korea.

I had the chance to play at the celebrating concert for the last Gmel meeting.
The performers were: Camilla Collet (drums), Matthew Harris (piano), Luca Mancini (guitar), Olivia Murphy (sax), Nick Stahl (sax), Andrew Velez (trumpet), Jonathan Bumpus (trombone), Simone Lanzi (double bass)

There was also a connection throught the LoLa system (low latency system) which made it possible to play in real time with another musician based in Wien, Austria.

Trieste 26/6/2019 – SISSA- GMEL – Claire… de jazz – Foto Luca Valenta/Phocus Agency © 2019

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